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“LMQ is awful”

Bronze players, and racists, basically (via ourlastjeff)

Sorry about all that hate you're getting for having an opinion on a League of Legends team, Tumblr users are somethin else.


Pffft it’s tumblr you’re going to get people to disagree with you with everything you post. Makes me chuckle no one has asked who my fav teams are though XD

Which FYI is FNC, EG, COL. 

I’m not one to jump on the hype train, I like my teams for their players. Don’t care if they’re good or bad. 

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Guys I meet nova and kootra holy cow I’m shaking

Voyboy locking in Akali




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And like I said again. You're fueling the TSM fans. Mentioning TSM makes your post appear in the TSM tag, fyi. But uh, as a TSM fan I still respect your opinion. Like it makes no difference what anyway says because I'll stick like TSM. So whatever lol. Just don't make unnecessary drama. People get butt hurt easily on tumblr. D;


This is my blog, I’ll post what i want. 

This isn’t the first time i’ve said i didnt like TSM, This is however the first time i’m getting people pissy about it. 

I shouldn’t have to stop posting what i want on MY blog to please other people. You can pick not to read something and ignore it. You should understand that not everyone is going to agree with what you say and filter stuff to shelter you.

I’m not going off on people who are posting they dislike the teams i like am i? No because im a grown up capable of understanding that people have different inputs and everyone is allowed their own.

If you don’t like what i post on //my// blog then please unfollow me as i don’t want to upset you but im going to keep posting what i want.


you know how much pressure there is on girls to be good at every video game they play, because if they fuck up once there’s going to be a heck of a lot of people saying how girls suck and how they shouldn’t play video games